Vendor Company Item Comments

Vendor Company Item comments work in the same way that the customer Company Item comments do except that Vendor company item comments are used during the Purchase Order Entry process instead of during the Sales Order entry process.  The logic for either viewing the comments or viewing and then optionally transferring the comment information to the comments for the transaction records are the same.

The information in Company Item comments can be  internal in nature, (normally viewed and not saved to or printed on the documents for the transaction) or they may be external in nature.  External information would be text that is required by the company or vendor associated with the transaction.  If the comment information is external, the comments are normally saved (transferred to) the comments attached to the transactions and printed on the documents for the transaction. In some situations, you may also have both internal and external information stored in a company item comment, and to support this the printing of the comments in specific places can be suppressed, or the printing of some of the information from the comment can be suppressed.

Examples of how Company/Item comments can be used include the following. 

      Whenever the ABC company orders widget #123 you need to put a special label on it before shipment.  The comment will print on the picking list to assure proper processing before shipment.

      When Memorial Hospital orders a specific product they have very special  shipping instructions.  These can then print on the picking list to assure proper shipment.

      Whenever you are shipping an order to the Watson Trading company in Nigeria you need ship in waterproof packaging as the products will sit outside in customs at the airport for a few weeks.  This comment needs to be printed on all picking lists to assure correct packaging.

Examples of how Vendor Company Item Comments can be used might include the following.

      To notify the vendor of special packaging required by your company when all items or a specific item is sent to you.

      To notify your purchasing agents of special warranty or other conditions that apply when buying a specific item from a specific vendor.


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