Vendor Shipment - Sales Order Entry

Special Order sales order lines are saved as status O (open) by the system, regardless of the schedule date used for the line item or the scheduling window that has been defined for the item.

Special Order sales order lines are also not allocated to automatically by the system as they are created (even if there is stock available for the order).  The allocated quantity in the line is saved as 0 regardless of available stock.

As each special order sales order line is created, the system automatically creates a PO requisition for the sales order line and it links this PO requisition to the sales order line.

Since the Special order lines are not being completed using your warehouse quantities for the item, and since a PO requisition is automatically created for the sales order quantity being entered, the inventory quantities used by the purchasing system to calculate the quantity needed for the item are not updated when this type of sales order line is saved.  The Reserved, Total Reserved, and the Allocated quantities for the inventory item being special ordered, are not updated when a new special order line is entered for an item.  This prevents the system from trying to order additional product for the item in special order line.

If a special order sales order line is edited after creation, the system tries to update any existing requisitions for the line, or it creates additional requisition lines for the sales order as required.