Viaterms Manager

The Viaterms Manager is used to create and to maintain the valid shipment terms that are used throughout the StreamV system.

Code:  The Viaterms Code.  Examples Viaterms codes include FOB SHP PT (FOB Shipping Point), and FOB Destination.


Description: The description field is a 50 character text field that is used to store a description of the shipping term.

Point that Title Passes Window:  The Title Point field indicates when the ownership of the items being shipped pass from the shipping company to the company that will be receiving the items.  Options include S or Shipment (indicating that title passes when the items are shipped out by the sender), and R or Receipt, (indicating that title passes when the items are received at the destination facility).  The Title Flag field is used by the AP and Purchasing systems when

Charge Shipping Flag:  The Charge Shipping Checkbox is used to indicate whether shipping should be charged to the customer when the shipping terms code is used.  Typically this checkbox would be loaded for Viaterm FOB SHP PT and it would be left blank for FOB Destination.

Please note:  Only the most basic shipping terms are described in this section.  There are many different shipping terms that are used by businesses, and many of them have complex rules that are not described here.   


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