Viewing a Bank record

This procedure can be used to view detailed information about a specific bank record.  The information that can be viewed includes the bank transaction type and source, the name of the company associated with the transaction (if any), and the transaction amounts.

Bank details are displayed using the Bank Detail panel.  The Bank Detail panel can be activated from any of the programs that display bank records.  The programs that can be used to display bank records include

      Bank Management

      AP Check Lookup by Account

      AP Check Lookup by Vendor

      Bank Query

      Bank Reconciliation.

 Once you have located and selected (highlighted) a bank record in one of the programs, you may use the Zoom option  (available from the Context or right mouse button menu) to access the Bank Detail Panel. 


The Bank Detail Panel displays comprehensive information about each bank record.  This information includes the document or reference (check) number, the company associated with the record, and the transaction dates and amounts.  The Bank Detail panel also displays the journal entry that was posted to the general ledger when the bank record was created.


View Journal Entry Activity for bank record