Viewing Customer Invoice Status and History

Customer invoice or sales history can be accessed from several different places in the CRM module.  The “Views” or programs from which customer invoice activity can be displayed include the following.

      Customer Manager

      Contact Manager

      Company Lookup

      Invoices Lookup View

The following procedures can be used to view invoice history.

1.  Select the appropriate view from the CRM Pull-down menu.

2.  If you are accessing invoice history from within the Company, Contact or Company Lookup, you should first locate and select the customer (or a contact associated with the customer) that you wish to display invoice history for.  In the Company or Contact Manager, this action should load the view with the information for the selected customer or contact.  In the Company Lookup, this action should highlight the desired customer in the displayed list.

3.  From the Company, Contact or Company Lookup, the invoice history for the customer (or customer associated with the contact), can be displayed by pressing the Invoices (Company or Company Lookup) or Invoice History (Contact Manager) button.  This action displays only the invoices for the selected customer.

4.  If you are accessing invoice history from the Invoices Lookup view, the system will display the invoices for all customers in the system.  Once the Invoices Lookup is displayed, you may select the display sequence used by the program by clicking on one of the column headers 

5.  Once a company or contact has been selected, the invoice

6.  When the Invoices or Invoice History button is pressed, the Returns Lookup program is displayed.  The Returns Lookup program allows you to display all returns for the company or to select only returns with a specific status.  The radio buttons at the bottom of the Returns Lookup are used to select the status to display.  The “All” option allows you to view all returns for the selected company regardless of the status.

7.  Once the returns for a company are displayed in the Returns Lookup program, you may view detailed information about a specific return using the following options.

1.  Detailed “header” information (information about the entire return), can be displayed by using the Zoom option.   When the Zoom option is selected, the system displays the RA Header Detail Panel.  This panel displays information such as the company making the return, the invoice number, contact, and ShipTo address associated with the return and other information.  If a comment has been attached to the selected RA, the comment can also be displayed using the Comment button located in the panel.

2.  Detailed information about each line item on the return can be displayed by highlighting the desired return and using the EXPAND option.  The EXPAND option causes the system to display the Return Lines Lookup.  The Return Lines Lookup shows all of the line items for the return and it normally displays the current status of each returns line.  Additional information about each line item can also be displayed by highlighting a line and using the ZOOM option to display the RA Line Detail panel.


Viewing Customer Returns