Void Check Button

The Void Check button is used to “void” the selected vendor check (manual or computer generated) or wire transfer and to re-open the invoices paid with the payment.  When the void option is used, the check or wire transfer record is set to Void status, the amounts in the Bank record are set to zero, and the cleared date is loaded with the current date.  When the void check option is used, the original payment (bank record) is left in the system and the check or wire transfer number being voided cannot be re-issued from the same Bank Account.  Checks or wire transfers which have been cleared (meaning you have told the system that the payment has cleared or been paid by the bank), may not be voided.

You may also not void a foreign currency check if the original house currency amount of the check has been modified.

If you need to void a check that has been cleared and/or that has had the Cleared HC Amount modified, you will need to remove the cleared date from the check and restore the original house currency amount in the check before you may void it (the two house currency amounts in the bank record will be different if you recognized any additional currency gain or loss when clearing the check).


Remove Check Button