Warehouse Activity Lookup

The Warehouse Activity Lookup displays the Bin Transaction History or bin activity for a specific Loc/Item Number and Bin Combination.

The Warehouse Activity Lookup is called from the Bin Management program when a valid Bin record is highlighted and the Expand Option is selected.  The Warehouse Activity Lookup displays the warehouse transaction records that are created in the WARETRAN file (File 98),  each time a bin quantity is adjusted by the system.

The Warehouse transaction records for each bin are displayed with the most recent transactions listed at the top of the program.

The fields from each Warehouse Transaction record which are displayed in the Warehouse Activity Lookup are based on a system parameter file which can be customized as required, but they normally include the transaction date, the unique warehouse transaction number that is assigned to each record, the location, item number and bin being adjusted, the quantity used for the transaction, and the Inventory Transaction record number and Transaction Type that the warehouse activity record is associated with (some bin transactions such as inventory receipts, adjustments, or sales transactions are tied to inventory transactions while other transactions such as bin transfers, affect only bin quantities and are not associated with an Inventory Transaction record in the INVTRAN file.

 A list of the Warehouse Transaction codes that are assigned by the system is presented in the Reference Section of this document.


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