Warehouse Lookup

The Warehouse Lookup program is primarily used to display the Inventory or Warehouse records that have been created for a specific Catalog Item.  The Warehouse Lookup program displays each of the inventory locations in which the Catalog record has been created and the current inventory quantities for the item in each of those locations. 

The Warehouse Lookup program also allows you to perform other tasks including.

      Accessing the Inventory Detail panel to view or edit the selected Inventory record.

      Accessing the Bin Lookup program which allows you to display the Bin detail, Warehouse transaction history, and open Pick records for the selected inventory item.

      Viewing the Inventory Activity or transaction history for the selected inventory item.

      Accessing the Catalog Detail panel which allows you to view and edit the Catalog record for the item.

      Viewing and or editing any Bills of Material that have been set up for the selected item.

Please Note:  The Warehouse Lookup program is part of the Product Management (PM) System, but it calls programs from other applications or systems.  These programs from other applications are identified with the module or system id that they are included and documented in.  You may access more information about each of these programs by accessing the program and using the Help key to display the primary help documentation for the program, 


Zoom - Inventory Detail

Expand - Bin Lookup

View Inventory Activity

View Catalog Detail

View BOM