Warehouse Management Count Processing Programs

This section describes the programs that are used to perform inventory counts in your warehouse locations.  The Inventory Counting programs allow you to perform the following tasks.

•      Produce Count Worksheets

•      Prepare a warehouse location for counting

•      Enter and edit count records.  Count records can be manually entered, imported from a csv file, or entered using an rf device

•      Run queries to identify large variances found during the count, and to preview the adjustment that will take place when the count information is applied.  Queries can also be used to double check that all bins in the range being counted (or the entire warehouse being counted), have count records entered for them.

•      To apply the results of the count when you are ready to do so. 

•      Access the Catalog, Inventory and Bin details associated with each count record.

•      Create Bins and Inventory records when required – to handle items that are “found” during the count process.

The primary programs used during the count process are the Count Manager and the Count Query program. 

The Count Manager is used to prepare for the inventory count, enter and edit count records, and to apply the results of the count when you are ready to do so. 

The Count Query program is used to produce count worksheets and for variance reporting. 

Other queries (accessed from the Inventory Query and BinLoc Query programs) are also used during the count process.

The Count Manager and the Count Query programs also allow you to access the inventory, bin and catalog details associated with each of the count records being processed.

The following sections describe Inventory Count programs and the various options that are available in each of the programs.


Count Manager

Count Query