Count Manager

The Count Manager program is accessed from the Warehouse Management, Count Processing Menu.  The Count Manager is used to perform inventory counts in your warehouse locations.  The Count Manager can be used to perform both cycle (partial) and complete counts for an inventory location, and it can be used to process one or more than one inventory location at one time.

The Count Manager allows you to perform the following tasks during the inventory counting process.

      Prepare each warehouse for an inventory count

      Enter or import count records

      Edit existing count records.

      Apply the results of the count when you are ready to do so. 


When the Count Manager program is selected from the Warehouse Management, Count Processing menu (or the MyCove or MyGroup menu), the program may or may not display count records.  This depends on the location (if any) selected in the lower left corner of the program, and on if any count records exist for the selected location.   Count records can be deleted or retained after a count has been applied.


Location Prompt

Prepare for Count Button

Insert - Create Count Record

Zoom - Edit Count Record

Expand - View Inventory Detail

Catalog Detail

Bin Detail

Load Count Records from File

Dump Current Location Count Records to File

Delete Count Records for Current Location

Apply Count Button