Warehouse Shipment Order Completion

Warehouse shipments are invoiced by printing a picklist for the allocated lines on the order and using the picklist document to pick the items to be shipped.  The Order Invoicing program is then used to identify the items being shipped and invoice the customer for the shipment.

Picklist Printing

Your ability to print a picklist for each order depends on whether the order is on hold, the current allocation status for the order, and the schedule dates in the order lines.

The system will not allow you to print a Picklist for an order that is on hold.  Orders on hold are not displayed in the Picklist Management program.

The system will only display allocated order lines which have schedule dates which are within the picklist window you have defined.  The Picklist window is a number of days that is added to the current date.  If the schedule date on an order line is less than or equal to today plus the window, the picklist for the order can be printed.  If the schedule date on the order line is greater than today plus the window, the order is not displayed in Picklist Management.

.If an order is not on hold, and it contains allocated lines, the Picklist program also checks the partial flag in the order, and the allocation status of each line to determine if the picklist should be printed.  The Picklist Management program normally filters out the No Partial order lines that cannot be shipped out (due to not all lines being fully allocated).

Order Invoicing

Once the items on the picklist have been retrieved from the warehouse, the picklist is used to load the order into the Order Invoicing program.  The Order Invoicing program allows the operator to verify or adjust the items and quantities being shipped out, and to record any serialized inventory and shipping information that is associated with the shipment.

Once the operator has entered the required information into the Order Invoicing program and saves the transaction, the system creates an invoice document for the customer, it updates the on hand, allocated, and reserved quantities for the items shipped, and it records the shipping and serial information for the invoice.