Weekly Sales Tab Page

The Weekly Sales Tab Page in the Item Demand program displays the Weekly Sales History that has been recorded for the selected item in the selected inventory location.

The system automatically updates the monthly and weekly sales, consumption, and production history for each item as it is sold, consumed or produced.  Utility programs also allow you to rebuild the sales detail (monthly and weekly) for an item based on the inventory transaction detail for the item.  The system can also optionally track the demand for an item in a warehouse location (vs the actual sales) if a default warehouse location is defined for each zipcode that you ship to (in this case, the system tracks the sale based on where the item shipped from and the demand based on the preferred location - the location where it should have shipped from based on your zipcode information).

The fields that are displayed in the Weekly Sales Tab Page are based on a parameter file that can be customized, but they normally include the following.

Loc:  The selected inventory location

Item: The selected inventory item

Year: The Year associated with the history record.

Week: The Week associated with the history record.

Sales Qty:  The quantity of the item that was sold during the indicated month.

Demand Qty:  The quantity of the item that could have been sold during the month from the selected location based on shipto zipcode in the order and the the preferred shipping location for that zipcode.

Consumed:  The quantity of the item that was consumed (used to produce other items) during the indicated month.

Produced: The quanitty of the item that was built or produced during the indicated month.

Revenue: The extended sales or revenue during the month for the selected item.

Cost: The extended cost during the month for the selected item.

Usage: The total of the Sales and the Consumed Quantities for the item.


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