Zipcode File

The Zipcode file stores a record for each of the possible zip codes in the United States (Zip + 4 zipcodes can also be created in the file).  Each zipcode record contains fields for the City, County and State associated with the zipcode, and a field for the Taxcode associated with the zipcode.  The zip code file is often loaded using third party tax information (data is available that can be used to automatically load current zip code and tax code information into the zip code and taxcode files).

Normally, the correct tax authorities and rates would be loaded into the taxcode file.  You would load taxcode records for the districts where you were required to do sales tax collection and reporting, and at least one taxcode for districts in which you do not have a tax requirement.

The zipcode file would then be loaded and

Once the correct taxcode for each zipcode has been specified in the zipcode