Zoom Account Period Detail Panel

When a valid general ledger account is selected in the Budget/Forecast Manager, and a valid account period record is highlighted in the lower section of the program, the Zoom option can be used to display the Account Period Detail Panel. 

The Account Period Detail panel

      Displays detailed information from the selected Account Period Record.   This information includes the general ledger year, period, division, department and account that the record is associated with, and the actual debit and credit totals for the account in the selected period.  All of this information is maintained by the system and it cannot be changed from within the panel.

      Allows you to manually update or specify the Budget and Forecast amounts that are stored in the Account Period Record.   The Budget and Forecast amounts can be specified by the operator and they are used when generating comparative financial statements to compare actual performance to budgeted or forecasted performance.

You may manually specify the Budget and or Forecast amount for each Account Period record by inputting the appropriate value and pressing the Save Key to save the change and return to the Budget/Forecast Manager.


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