Zoom – Inventory Transaction Detail Panel

The Inventory Transaction Detail Panel is used to display the information for a single Inventory Transaction or “Inventory Activity” record.  Inventory Transaction records are created by the system each time the quantity or the cost of an inventory item is modified.  Inventory Transactions are written each time an item is received, vendor shipped, transferred, adjusted, sold, built, or consumed by the Shop Order System.  Inventory Activity records are also created when other types of inventory transactions are processed. The records in the Inventory Transaction file are used to display the item activity or history for an item in a specific inventory location.

Some Inventory Transaction records such as inventory receipts (Type IR), purchase order receipts (Type PR), and vendor shipments - shipments of product direct from your vendor to your customer (Type VS), are also used when reconciling inventory related invoices during Accounts Payable Entry.  As invoices for inventory purchases are received from your vendor and input into the system, the AP Invoice Entry program allows you to match the appropriate inventory transactions to each invoice.  If there is a difference between the amounts billed by the vendor for the goods and the value of the items received, this difference can be identified and resolved as each invoice is processed.  Please see the section on Accounts Payable Three Way Matching in the Overview section of this documentation for more information.


AP Invoice Detail Panel