Zoom RA Header Detail Panel

When a valid Return Authorization is selected in the RA Receiving program and the Zoom option is selected, the system activates the RA Header Detail Panel and it loads the panel with the information for the selected RA Header.  The RA Header contains information that applies to the entire return (to all lines on the return).  The RA Header information displayed in the panel includes the status of the return, the shipto address associated with the return, and the primary invoice number that is associated with the return (this will be the invoice used to create the return when there are more than one invoice associated with the return).

The RA Header Detail Panel also contains the Standard Toolbar.  The Standard Toolbar allows you to access any comments, images or other documents associated with the RA, and it also allows you to access the Cove Field Help System.  The Field Help system can be used to display the database definitions for each of the fields which are displayed in the RA Header Detail panel.


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