Account Period Lookup

When an Account Description Record is highlighted in the Account Lookup program and the Expand option is selected, the system activates the Account Period Lookup program and it loads the program with the Account Period records for the selected account in the Year, Division and Department that were specified in the Account Lookup.

The Account Period Lookup displays the Account Period Records for the selected Account Description Record.  Account Period Records store the debit and credit totals for each general ledger account in each year, period, division and department in which the account has activity.  Each Account Period record includes an actual debit and credit total, a budget and a forecast amount, and foreign currency debit and credit totals.  The Account Period totals are used when displaying account balances in the Account Lookup program and when generating financial statements.

The debit and credit fields in each Account Period record are automatically updated by the system as journal entries are posted and the amounts in the fields can also be rebuilt as required using the Special Audit program.  The Budget and Forecast amounts in each account period record can be specified by the user in various programs and these amounts are used for comparative purposes.


Expand - Account Period Detail Lookup