General Ledger Lookup Programs

The programs that are included on the General Ledger Lookup Menu are used to view general ledger account balances and transaction details.  The General Ledger Lookup programs allow you review the period totals and transactions that make up each general ledger account balance, and to display detailed information about each transaction.

Please Note: Some of the GL lookup programs described in this section are called from other General Ledger Lookup programs.  This is done in order to allow you to “drill down” through transaction activity.  For example, the Account Lookup program calls the Account Period Lookup program, which calls the Account Period Detail Lookup Program, which calls the Journal Entry Lookup program.

In addition, some General Ledger lookups, such as the Journal Entry Lookup, are used in other parts of the system to display the postings for accounts payable and receivable transactions.

This section describes each of the GL Lookups separately to allow the various features of each lookup to be highlighted.  In some cases, the Lookup programs are activated by merely “expanding” from one lookup to another and no menu selection is necessary.  These cases are noted in the following sections.


Account Lookup

Journal Entry Review

Account Description Lookup

Account Period Lookup

Budget and Forecast Lookup

Account Period Detail Lookup

Journal Entry Lookup

Account Period Detail Panel

Journal Entry Line Detail Panel

JE Lookup