Accounts Payable Payment Processing

This section provides an overview of the different payment processing options that are available in the StreamV Accounts Payable System.  For more information about selecting invoices for payment and processing accounts payable payment transactions, please see the procedures section of this document.

Open Accounts Payable invoices that are status A (active) and that are not on hold can be paid automatically by creating a computer generated check or wire transfer transaction, or they can be paid manually using the Manual Payment Option.

      Computer Generated checks are normally used when you are paying multiple invoices such as during a weekly check run, where you generate a batch of checks to pay the invoices that are due.  Computer Generated checks may only be used when you are paying invoices that are in your local or house currency.

      Wire Transfer Payments are similar to computer generated checks except for the fact that a check document is not actually printed (the system generates a printed report but this report is not printed on check stock), and a wire transfer can be used to pay foreign currency invoices.

      Manual payments are normally used to record handwritten checks that have already been issued to vendors.  In some cases (mainly overseas) manual payments are also used to record electronic payments processed using online banking systems.  Manual payments can be used to pay both local and foreign currency accounts payable invoices.


Selecting Invoices for Payment

Processing Partial Payments/Adjusting Discounts

AP Automated Payment Processing

AP Manual Payment Processing