AP Invoice Assignment

At the end of the AP invoice entry process the system allows the operator to “assign” an accounts payable invoice to a vendor other than the vendor selected when entering the invoice.  The Accounts Payable Paydate Management Program also allows the operator to assign an invoice after the invoice has been posted.  An accounts payable invoice may only be assigned to another vendor if the following conditions are met.

•      The invoice must have a status of “A” or active. 

•      The invoice must be open.  The system will not allow the operator to assign an invoice if the invoice has had a manual payment applied to it during the accounts payable invoice entry process or if it has been paid subsequent to invoice entry.

•      The operator entering the invoice must have the appropriate rights to assign accounts payable invoices.  Once an operator has entered an invoice and has pressed the SAVE key, the system checks to make sure the invoice is open and has not had any checks applied to it.  The system then checks the File 248 parameter APASSIGN.  If this parameter is set to “Y” for the operator who is saving the invoice, the system will prompt the operator to assign the invoice or to press the ENTER key to continue without assigning the invoice.  If an “A” is entered by the operator, the system will display a list of the valid vendors that have been entered into the system, and the operator may select the vendor to whom the invoice is to be assigned by highlighting the appropriate vendor and by pressing the ENTER key.  If the APASSIGN parameter is set to “N” or is missing for the operator entering the invoice, then the system will not prompt the operator to assign the invoice when the SAVE key is pressed.  The APASSIGN parameter is also checked when the operator attempts to assign an invoice in the Accounts Payable Paydate Management program.

When an accounts payable invoice is assigned, the system pays off the original invoice and it creates a replacement invoice using the vendor to whom the invoice was assigned.  The original invoice is assigned a check number of 88888888 and it stores the register number of the replacement invoice in the Stamp field of the invoice record.  The replacement invoice is created with a type of AA and it stores the register number of the original invoice in both the PO_NO and the JE_NO field of the accounts payable invoice record.  Both invoices are posted to the general ledger using the same journal entry.  The journal entry number is the same as the register number assigned to the first invoice.  The journal entry is assigned a source of AP.


Accounts Payable Payment Processing