Payment activity errors

The Invoice Register and the AR Journal reports include some routines that audit invoice payment activity.  The Invoice Register report runs through the Invoice Header file and audits each invoice included on the report.  The AR Journal runs through the journal entries that have been posted to the AR control account in the general ledger and it audits each journal entry included on the report.  Both reports perform the audit by comparing the original and current balance of each accounts receivable invoice against the total general ledger payment and adjustment activity for the invoice.  If there is a difference between the invoice payment and adjustment activity and the general ledger activity for the invoice, an error message is produced to alert the operator.  The error message identifies the invoice associated with the error and it prints the general ledger activity for the invoice.

Payment Activity errors normally result from un-posted or corrupted journal entries and they will cause the accounts receivable sub-ledger balance to disagree with the balance in the Accounts Receivable control account in the general ledger.  To fix one of these errors, you should review the invoice header totals and journal entry activity posted against the invoice, and correct the payment or adjustment transaction that was not successfully posted (you may also want to contact Cove or your System Administrator for assistance if you are not comfortable correcting this type of problem).  You or your system administrator should also try to determine the reason that the error occurred so that any system setup, hardware or database problems causing the error can be corrected.


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