Accounts Receivable Maintenance/Utility Programs

This section lists the Accounts Receivable Maintenance and Utility programs. The Accounts Receivable Maintenance and Utilitiy programs are used to perform the following tasks.

      Create Finance Charge Invoices for customers with overdue account balances.

      Post sales activity to the General Ledger when the batch posting method is being used to post sales.

      Reset the invoices for a specific invoice date so that they can be re-posted.  This option is used only when you post sales using the batch method.  This option is typically only required when sales are posted before all invoices for the date are processed, or when invoice amounts have been updated after posting to recover from a system or a data error.

      Post the sales activity for a specific invoice to the general ledger using the on-line posting method.  This option is only used to recover from an error situation where the invoice is not properly posted during invoice creation.

Note:  Some of the AR Maintenance and Utility options which are available in the system are based on how you have the system configured.  If the system parameter F248:ONLINEAR is set to Y, the batch posting options will be disabled.  If the paramter is set to N, the online posting options will be disabled.


Create Finance Charge Invoices

Sales Posting Loader

Sales Posting

AR Utilities