Sales Posting

The Sales Posting program is used to preview the invoice detail that has been loaded into the Sales Posting Temp file by the Sales Posting Loader program.  The Sales Posting program is also used to post this invoice detail to the General Ledger.


The Sales Posting program may only be used when your system is configured to post sales or invoice activity in BATCH mode.  If you attempt to run the Sales Posting program when the system is configured to post invoices on-line (which is the default behavior for StreamV), the program will display an error message when you try to run it (“Your system is configured to post online, this function is not available”) and it will abort.

The Sales Posting program allows you to generate a report only version of the posting to preview it and to check for errors, and it allows you to specify the period, year and post date to be used for the date being posted.

Div dpt logic – will use inv div and dpt, then invoice div, dpt 1, then div and dpt 1.

GLSPRND – create rounding line.


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