Adjust Button

The Adjust Button is used to actually process the inventory adjustment.  When the Adjust Button  is pressed, the system verifies that a valid location, item and bin have been selected, and that the quantity being adjusted does not cause the inventory quantity to be driven below the allocated quantity for the item.   The program also verifies that the adjustment will not cause the bin quantity to be driven below the bin committed quantity, and that a valid adjustment code has been selected.  If the information that has been specified in the adjustment program is valid, the system then processes the adjustment.  The quantity of the bin and the inventory item are updated, an inventory transaction is created to record the adjustment, and a journal entry is made to post the inventory adjustment transaction to the general ledger.  Once the adjustment transaction has been processed, a message is also displayed notifying the operator that the transaction has been saved, and the Journal Entry and Inventory Transaction numbers used for the adjustment are displayed in the appropriate window.


Inventory Transfer