Inventory Adjustment

The Inventory Adjustment program is used to adjust the on hand quantity of an inventory item and to post the value of the adjustment to the General Ledger.  As each adjustment is processed, the operator is required to identify the bin in which the adjustment should be made, and the adjustment code that should be used for the transaction.  The adjustment code is used to identify the type of adjustment being made and the general ledger account that the adjustment should be posted to.  The Inventory Adjustment program only allows the quantity of an item to be adjusted if the quantity is available.  The adjustment program will not allow you to adjust an item quantity that is allocated to a sales order or shop order.  The adjustment program will also not allow you to adjust a bin quantity that is committed to a pick or a pull ticket.  The adjustment program can be used for situations in which an item has become obsolete and is being scrapped, or is damaged and needs to be written off.  The adjustment program can also be used to adjust items for physical inventory count variances, but the Inventory Counting System is normally used to process that type of adjustment.

When you select the Inventory Adjustment program from the Pull down menu, the cursor will positioned in the Location field.  To process an adjustment, you should first verify or change the inventory location in which the adjustment will be processed, and then select the inventory item to be adjusted.  The windows which are used to select the item and process an adjustment are described below.


Location Window

Item No Window

Prompt Button - Inventory Detail Panel

Prompt Button - Catalog Detail Panel

Quantity Fields:

Adjust Quantity Window

Bin Window

Type Window

Comment Section

Last JE#/Tran Windows

Adjust Button