Advanced Tab Page

The Advanced Tab Page is used to display some advanced information that is used for Sales Tax or Vat and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) processing.

The fields that are displayed in the Advanced Tab page are briefly described below.  Please note that the field help option can be used to display additional information about each of the fields that are displayed in the Tab Page.  The field help option can be accessed using the right mouse menu option if you have access to the field, or by using the Help Button that is located on the Cove Standard Toolbar if you are unable to access the field (the Toolbar option will display the help information for the Catalog file and you can display the help for each field using the field list option). 

Item Tax#:  A unique ID that is assigned to each item and used for Intrastat and Vat reporting overseas.

Tax Category:  An optional field that can be used with optional Gencode tables to treat an item as taxable in some locations (states) and non-taxable in others.  Please see the documentation for the Sales Tax Processing system for more information about how this field is used by the system.

Cust Account:  The Customer Account field can be used to restrict sales of an item to a specific customer.  If the Cust Account field is loaded, the system will only allow the item to be selected in order entry when the customer for the order has the account number specified in the item.

EDI Fields:  The EDI fields in the Catalog Manager are loaded by the EDI programs that are being used on your system.  The fields include the last edi export date and time, the edi status and the edi batch number associated with the record.

Agency Type:

Curr Surcharge:  The Currency Surcharge field is used to indicate if the item price should be adjusted when currency surcharges are processed.  The Currency Surcharge system is used to increase or decrease the prices on foreign currency sales orders when the exchange rates for the order currency and your house currency change substantially.  The Currency Surcharge system can be used to spread the risk of exchange rate variances when you are doing business in foreign currencies.   The Currency Surcharge code is not yet supported in the VDF applications. 


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