Comments Tab Page

The Comments Tab Page displays the Comments or Text notes that have been created for the selected Catalog record.  The Comments Tab Page can also be used to edit the existing comments for the item, and to create a new user or standard comment for the item.  Inventory comments (both user and standard comments) are described in detail in the application overview section of this document.

When you access the Comments Tab page, the page will display the existing comments for the selected Catalog record.  The information that is displayed for each comment can be customized using a system parameter file but it normally includes the Comment Source (IN which indicates the comment is associated with an Inventory or Catalog record), the Ident (the catalog item number), the line number for the comment and a portion of the text contained in the comment.  Normally the title for each comment is contained in the first line of the comment, so the text field generally tells you what the comment is being used for.

Once a valid record is loaded into the Catalog Manager and the  Comments Tab Page is selected, you may highlight an existing comment record and use the Zoom option to view or edit the record, or you may use the Insert option to create a new comment for the Catalog item.

When you select the Insert Option, the system will automatically check a system control file to determine the standard comments that you are maintaining in the system for each item and it will present a selection list that displays the comments that can be created for the item.

The list will display a User Comment ( used to add a free form note to the item using the next available comment line number under 1000), and it will also display a list of any of the Standard comments that have been defined for each Catalog item that do not already exist for the current Catalog record (these Comments are defined using a control record in the Textdata file).  Each of these Standard Comments is assigned a specific line number in the range of 1000-1999 and they are automatically used by the system during processing.

Once you have selected the type of comment to be entered for the item, the system will create the new comment record and activate the comment editor so that you can add the appropriate text to the new record.  Once you have entered the text, you can save the changes to the comment using the save option in the Comment Detail panel.


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