After Shop Order Entry

1.  Select the shop order program from the menu and locate the shop order to be linked to a specific sales order.

2.  Use the Zoom option to access the Shop Order Header Edit panel.

3.  Position the cursor in the Order No field and use the Expand key to display the Sales Order Inquiry program.  The Sales Order Inquiry program displays all of the sales orders in the system and you may select the sales order that the shop order will be linked to by highlighting the correct record and pressing the enter key in this program.  You may also use the Expand option in the Sales Order Inquiry program to display the line items for the order so you can verify the specific line the shop order is being created for.

4.  Once you have selected the sales order that the shop order is being built for, the system will display the appropriate order number in the order field and the name of the customer from the sales order in the Company field.  The system will NOT automatically load the sales order line field and this field must be loaded in order for the system to correctly link the shop and sales orders.  You should verify and enter the appropriate line number into this field to finish linking the records

5.  Save the shop order header to update the record with the new information.