AP Invoice Assignment

Accounts Payable Invoice Assignment is the process of assigning an open accounts payable invoice from one vendor to a different vendor for payment.  This procedure is performed when you need to remit payment to a vendor other than the vendor used on the purchase order and accounts payable invoice that are entered in the system.  Assignment can be required due to working with vendors with multiple company names, due to credit card purchases from vendors, or as a result of processing errors (the wrong vendor was used on an invoice or range of invoices and you wish to update the invoices to show the correct vendor name).. 

Accounts Payable Invoice Assignment is supported in two different programs in the Accounts Payable system.  An invoice can be assigned at the end of the accounts payable entry process, or an invoice can be assigned to a different vendor after it has been entered into the system.  Each of these procedures is discussed in the following sections.  Note: The operators’ ability to assign accounts payable invoices is controlled by the System Parameter F248:APASSIGN. This parameter must be set to “Y” in order to enable the operator to use this feature.


Assignment During AP Entry

Assignment After AP Entry