Assignment During AP Entry

If an accounts payable invoice is saved in the Accounts Payable Entry program and the APASSIGN System Parameter is set to Y, the program will prompt the operator with the option to assign the invoice to a different vendor for payment.  If the invoice does not need to be assigned to a different vendor, you should press the Continue option to skip assignment and return to the Vendor Manager program.  If you wish to assign the invoice, you should perform the following steps.

      Process the invoice normally, using the vendor from the invoice and inventory receiving records being matched (if applicable).

      Press the SAVE key once the invoice has been applied (matched and/or distributed to the correct general ledger accounts).

      Record the AP Register number and journal entry number assigned to the transaction by the system when it is displayed at the end of the save process.

      Use the ARROW keys to select the Assign option from the prompt object (this option should be available if the APASSIGN system parameter has been set to Y for you, if the option is not available, you should have your system administrator check this parameter setting for you).

      Select the vendor that the invoice should be assigned to from the Vendor List.  Once you have selected the ASSIGN option from the AP Entry Save Prompt, the system will display a list of the vendors in your database.  At this point you should choose the vendor that the invoice should be assigned to from the list by highlighting it and pressing the ENTER key (you may also press the ESCAPE key at this point to skip assignment and return to the Save Prompt in the AP Entry program). 

      Once you have chosen the correct vendor the system will create a new invoice using the selected vendors name and the information from the original record.  The new invoice is for the same amount as the original invoice and it is open.  The original invoice is closed (its posting history stays the same and any Inventory Activity records that were matched to the invoice during entry are still attached to it).   A journal entry is written to record the AP activity (closing the old invoice and opening the new one), and information is written to each of the AP Register records to tie the original and new invoices to each other.  The new invoice has a type of AS to indicate it was created by assignment.


Assignment After AP Entry