Assignment After AP Entry

Open accounts payable invoices can be assigned to another vendor for payment after the invoices have been entered into the system.  In order for this type of transaction to be processed, the invoice in question must be open and the system parameter APASSIGN must be set to Y for the operator processing the transaction.  To assign an invoice after it has been saved, the following tasks should be performed.

      Select the AP Paydate Management program from the Menu.

      Locate and select (highlight) the invoice that you wish to assign to a different vendor.  Note:  The invoice must be open.  If you have a paid invoice that was processed using the wrong vendor, you should correct that situation as described in the error recovery section of this document.

      Use the Pull Down menu to select the Assign option from the Options Pull Down Menu.

      Select the vendor that the invoice should be assigned to from the Vendor List.  Once you have selected the ASSIGN option from the menu, the system will display a list of the vendors in your database.  At this point you should choose the vendor that the invoice should be assigned to from the list by highlighting it and pressing the ENTER key (you may also press the ESCAPE key at this point to skip assignment and return to the AP Paydate Management program. 


Processing a Vendor Prepayment