AP Three Way Matching

Three way matching is the process of correlating or “matching” Accounts Payable invoices with the inventory (purchase order receiving, non-purchase order related receiving, and vendor shipment transactions) activity associated with the invoice.  StreamV allows the user to perform this important function during AP invoice entry using the three way matching option that is supported in the AP Entry programs.  Three way matching allows the system to link inventory receiving transactions to the appropriate invoice for research and lookup purposes.  The matching process also allows any variances between the vendor invoice and the amount of inventory received from the vendor to be reconciled (and any necessary corrective actions identified) as each invoice is being processed.

Note: Three way matching is only supported for “Stocking” items.  Nonstock items (items where the inventory item STK flag is set to N), are not tracked by the inventory control system or posted to the general ledger if received into inventory.  These items are normally expensed as they are purchased and are therefore not posted to the inventory liability account.

The following sections describe how the three way matching process works.


Receipt and Vendor Shipment Processing

Tagging receipts during AP Invoice Entry

Handling PO Variances

Saving the Invoice


Supplemental Costs