AR Batch Lookup

The AR Batch Lookup program displays the individual AR Checks or Payment records that are included in the selected batch. 

The information that is displayed for each check record is based on a parameter file and can be customized, but it usually includes the customer check number, the customer name, the amount of the payment in both foreign and local currency and the currency of the checks in the batch (each batch can contain checks in only one currency).  The AR Batch Lookup program can be used to verify that the amount of each deposit matches the physical payments or payment details received from the bank and it can also be used to determine if an individual check has been processed for the correct amount when researching differences between the amount posted to the system and the actual payments received.

The AR Batch Lookup program also allows you to view additional detailed information about each payment shown in the program.


Zoom - AR Check Detail Panel

Expand - AR Check Detail Lookup