AR Documents

The StreamV Accounts Receivable System is used to process several different categories of invoice documents.  Each category of invoice might include more than one document type.  For instance.  Sales invoices may have a document type of  OI, DI, IN or PN, depending on where they were created from or how they were created.  The basic invoice categories are covered in this section.  The various Invoice Document Types are discussed in more detail in a following section of this document..


Invoice Types


Sales Invoice

OI (Order Invoice)

DI (Direct Invoice)

IN (Invoice)

PI (Pending Invoice).

Invoice documents are used to bill a customer for goods that have been sold to the customer.  An order invoice is created from a sales order.  A direct invoice is created without a sales order.  A Pending Invoice is created when a Pending record is billed out to a customer or a another entity.


OS (Order Shipper)

DS (Direct Shipper)

SH (Shipper)

A Shipper is a document that is normally used to record the internal movement of goods.  When a shipper document is created, the items on the document are removed from inventory and they are added to the Pending sub-ledger.  The items are then tracked in the Pending Sub-ledger until the items are returned to stock, written off, invoiced to the recipient, or other wise disposed of.  An Invoice document with a zero value is created and no sale is made.

Credit Memo

OI (Order Inboice)

DI (Direct Invoice)

CM (Credit Memo)

A credit memo is a negative invoice that can be issued to the customer due to the customer returning merchandise, or for other reasons.  Credit memos can be created from the RA system, and from the Direct Invoicing program.

Unapplied Payment

OP (Overpayment)

PP (Prepayment)

These invoices are created as neeed to record an unapplied customer payment amounts during Cash Application

Overapllied Payment

DM (Debit Memo)

These invoices are created as neeed to record an overapplied customer payment amount during Cash Application.  They can be used to track a customer taking an un-authorized deduction when paying.

Finance Charge Invoice

FC (Finance Charge)

Finance Charge Invoices are created to bill customers interest for over-due invoice balances.

Summary Invoice

SI (Summary Invoice)

Summary Invoices are used to close out individual open invoice balances and replace them with one consolidated invoice for the total.


AR Invoice Document Types

AR Invoice and Sales Order Subtypes

AR Invoice Source Codes