Assign Tagged Items to Customer

The Assign Tagged Items to Customer option allows you to assign the selected open pending records to a specific customer.  This option changes the name on the selected Pending records and it should be used carefully.

When the Assign Tagged Items to Customer option is selected, the system performs the following actions.

      The system verifies that at least one pending record has been tagged or selected in the program.

      The system displays the Customer Lookup program so that the operator can select the customer that the tagged records should be assigned to.  If a valid customer is not selected, the system will not process the records.

      The system updates the company name in the selected Pending records with the selected customer company.

      The system creates a Data Change History record for each Pending record being processed to record the fact that the company name in the Pending records was changed.

      The system writes an AR actions record for the invoice to record the fact that the record was assigned to a new company.  The Actions record type is AR

      The system writes an AC comment for the action record which records the Item number and open quantity for each record being processed.

      The system updates the Company Type in the Pending records to C (customer).

      The system re-assigns any serial records for the items and quantities being processed to the new customer.

      The system displays a notice to indicate that the Pending records have been re-assigned.


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