Accounts Receivable Operations Programs

This section describes the Accounts Receivable Operations Programs.

The Accounts Receivable Operations Programs allow you to perform the following critical tasks or business processes.

•      Applying payments from your customers to the open invoices for each customer.

•      Creating prepayment, overpayment and debit memo documents to track any unapplied customer payments or deductions.

•      Processing Accounts Receivable Deposit Transactions.

•      Writing off invoice balances.  The Cash Application and the Invoice Adjustment programs allow you to charge an invoice amount to the general ledger.

•      Managing and processing “Loaner” Inventory.  The Loaner Management program allows you to view and process the items that have been shipped out of your facilities at no charge for evaluation, demonstration, sample, and other purposes.

•      Processing Ticket Billing transactions.  The Ticket Billing option allows you to consolidate multiple shipments for a customer into a single invoice.

•      Issuing Credit Requests.  Credit Requests are used to record customer requests for credit that do not involve the return of merchandise (ie price, freight, and other situations).

•      Issuing Customer Refunds for negative, open invoice balances. 


Cash Application

Deposit Management

AR Invoice Adjustment

Direct Invoicing

Invoice Item Panel

Loaner Management

Ticket Billing Management

Paytemp Detail Panel

Create AR Doc

Credit Request Lookup

Credit Request Detail