Assign the appropriate Taxtype to all customer and ship to records.

- All customer and ship to records must have a valid Taxtype assigned to them.  The Taxtype field determines how each customer record or ship to address should be treated by the system for sales tax calculation and reporting purposes and this information is critical for proper operation of the system.  The Taxtype records are set up in the Generic Code Table and each record contains a description of the Taxtype and a Y or N flag which indicates whether the Taxtype is taxable or not.  Standard Taxtypes used by the system include RETAIL (a taxable status), and GOV, RESALE, and EXPORT (non-taxable codes).  Note: The Sales Order Entry and Order Completion/Invoicing programs will not allow processing of transactions for customers which do not have a valid Taxtype assigned to them.   Loader programs can be used to load this field based on existing data (using selections on state, resale number, etc.).


Assign the appropriate Taxcode to each customer record based on the customer zip code.