Sales Tax System Startup Tasks

This section lists the Installation and Set Up procedures that should be followed when configuring the Sales Tax Processing System.  These procedures should be performed prior to processing any sales orders or invoices on the StreamV System.


Create Taxtype Records

Create Taxcode Records

Create Taxcode records for all tax districts in which you are required to collect sales tax.

Create a Taxcode Record to be used for all geographic areas in which you will not be required to collect sales tax.

Assign the correct Taxcode record to each zip code in the Zip Code File.

Make sure that all taxable and non-taxable inventory items in the system are flagged properly.

Set the Sales Tax processing parameters in the System Control file.

Assign the appropriate Taxtype to all customer and ship to records.

Assign the appropriate Taxcode to each customer record based on the customer zip code.

Assign the appropriate Taxcode and Taxtype to all ship to records based on the ship to zip code.

Make sure that all ship to records have a valid zip code entered into the zip code field.

Make sure all customer records have a valid Taxtype assigned to them.

Load the Taxtype and Taxcode for each Shipto record

Load all open sales orders with the appropriate Taxcode based on the ship to zip code.

Load any converted invoice line items with the correct Taxcode information

Make sure that the Customer default file is set up.