Bank Records - Amount and Currency Fields

Each bank record includes several different amount fields.  The amount fields store the total amount of each transaction in both local or “house” currency and in the currency in which the transaction was processed.  Each bank record also stores the currency code associated with the record.

•      Amount:  The AMOUNT field in each bank record stores the amount of the payment or deposit in the currency that the payment or deposit was processed in.  The amount field in the bank record is not updated unless the bank record is voided.  If the Bank record is voided, the amount field is set to 0.00.

•      HC Amount:  The HC_AMOUNT field in the bank record stores the local currency value of the payment or deposit based on the most recent exchange rate for the currency in the currency table at the time that the payment or deposit was processed.  The HC Amount field will be the same as the Amount when a local (house currency) transaction is processed.

•      Cleared HC Amount:  The CLEARED_HC_AMT field is loaded with the same value that is loaded into the HC_AMOUNT field when the record is created.  If the bank record is in a foreign currency, the CLEARED_HC_AMT field can be updated to reflect any foreign currency gain or loss adjustments due to variances between the amount of the transaction recorded in the system and the amount at which the transaction actually cleared the bank.

•      Currency:  The currency field stores the currency code that was used for the transaction.


Bank Records - Date Fields