Bank Records

Bank records are created by various systems in StreamV.  Bank records are created when Accounts Receivable deposits are processed and when Accounts Payable checks are created.  Bank records are also created when refund, credit card, and other transactions (payroll entries, interest income and expense transactions) are processed in the Bank Management or other systems.   Bank records store a large amount of information.  Some of this information, such as

      The Bank Account

      The Check or Reference number

      The Customer or Vendor associated with the bank transaction

      The original transaction amount

May not be modified by the user after the bank record has been created. (The original transaction amount can be updated automatically by the system if an accounts payable payment is voided).

Other information in the Bank record, such as

      The cleared date

      The cleared house currency amount for foreign currency bank records

      The Batch used for the Bank record and the journal entry associated with it (the first journal entry if multiple journal entries exist for the bank record).  The Batch field can be updated when required to fix a batch total, or to assign a third party transaction number (like a bank generated transaction ID number) to an existing bank record.

May be updated by the operator when required.  The Cleared date and cleared house currency amount fields are used during the bank reconciliation process.


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