Bank Records - Date Fields

The following are the primary date fields in each bank record.

      Date:  The Date, or Document date field stores the date that the transaction occurred.  The Date field is loaded based on the Post Date or the Check date used for transactions created from the  accounts receivable and accounts payable systems.  The date field can be manually specified in other programs that create bank records.

      Cleared Date:  The Cleared date is used to store the date that the bank transaction “cleared the bank”  (the date the bank posted the transaction to your account).  The cleared date is not normally loaded by the system when the bank record is created.  The Cleared date is normally loaded by an accounting operator when the operator verifies that the transaction in the system has been recognized by the Bank  The cleared date is also loaded automatically by the system when a check is voided.

      Void Date:  The Void date indicates the date on which a check was voided and the invoice amounts paid with the check were re-opened  The Void a Check process prompts the operator for the Void date to be used when each check is voided.


Bank Records - Document Types