Bin File

The Bin or BinLoc (Bin Location) file is also known as the Bin Master.  This file is used to track the items and quantities that are stored in each of the bins or physical locations in each of your warehouses.  The Bin Loc file contains a record for each bin location in which an item exists in each warehouse location.  One or more Bin records can exist for a single inventory item in a single inventory location.  Each bin record contains information specific to the selected warehouse/item and the physical location pointed to by the bin record.  This information includes the quantity in the bin, the quantity in the bin that has been committed to printed sales order pick and shop order pull tickets, and other information.  Normally one or more Bin records will exist for each stocking Inventory Item that has an on hand quantity.  Bin records are automatically deleted and created by the system as required during transaction processing.


QVL File