QVL File

 The QVL file contains Vendor specific information about an item.  The QVL file can be used to store vendor specific purchasing information.  The QVL file or Qualified Vendor List is an optional file.  The records in the QVL file define the valid vendor and item number combinations that can be used during purchasing.  If QVL records for a given item are present, the system checks the QVL information for the item when creating purchase orders and purchase order requisitions.   The QVL records are taken into account when the purchasing system tries to find the best price available for the item being purchased.    The minimum reorder quantity and the lead time for the item can also be defined in the QVL record and this information is used automatically during purchasing when the QVL record is selected.   Information in the QVL record that is used during purchasing includes the purchasing lead days, the item reorder point and reorder quantity, and the vendor price for the item.

QVL records are used to define the valid vendor and item combinations that can be used during purchasing, but an item can be purchased from more than one vendor regardless of whether QVL records have been entered for the item.  If a QVL record is present for an item, the system will check the QVL records when determining the best purchase order price for the item.

QVL records are also used to allow purchasing in foreign currencies.   Each QVL record stores a price and a currency,  and the system will automatically find and use QVL records which have a currency equal to that being used on the PO.


Broker File