Product Management Overview

This section provides some basic information about the StreamV Product Management System.  The StreamV Product Management System is used to set up and maintain the items or products that you process on your system.  The Product Management programs are also used to create and maintain additional information that is related to or associated with these products.  The Product Management programs allow you to

      Create, View and Edit Product Catalog Information.  The Product Catalog file contains all of the items that are available for processing on your system.

      Create Inventory Items from existing Product Catalog records.  Once an item has been set up in the Product Catalog file, Inventory records can be created for the item so that it can be purchased, sold, or used in production.

      Create and Maintain Product Specific Comment information that is automatically used by the system when transactions for the item are processed.

      Set up and maintain the Keyword Search System.  The Keyword Search System is an option that allows you to search for a specific text strings in your inventory data.  The Keyword Search program allows you to define the “searchable fields” in each of your inventory records and to build up a keyword search file that allows you to locate any records containing a specific string in any of these searchable fields.

      Set up and maintain Customer and Vendor Cross Reference Item Information.  Cross Reference records allow you to associate your in house item numbers to the item numbers used by your vendors or customers. 

      Set Up Sell With Information.

Since the Product Management System is used to set up and maintain inventory or product information, the following item setup issues are discussed in this document.


StreamV Product Structure

Stocking vs. Non-Stocking Items

General Ledger Posting Information

Order Fulfillment Flags

Serialized Inventory Flags

Inventory Normalization

Item Setup and Maintenance

Automatic Inventory Item Creation

Catalog User Fields

Keyword Search System

Item Specific Comments

Item Cross Reference Information

Related Items/Sell With Information