When an Inventory Item is selected in the Inventory Management program and the BOM option is selected, the system activates the Bill of Materials Lookup program and it loads the program with the Bills of Materials that have been defined for the selected item.   

Bills of Material are used by the Shop Floor and the Kitting systems and they define how the items that you build or kit inhouse are put togther (they list the components and quantities that are required to create a top level item).

The Bill of Materials Lookup program displays all of the BOM revisions that have been created for the selected item and it also also allows you to access additional information about each Bill of Materials displayed in the program.

The Bill of Materials program is part of the Shop Floor (SF) System and it is completely described in the documentation for that system.  You may access more information about the Bill of Materials Lookup program by activating the program and using the Help key to display the primary documentation for the program.