The Item Demand program allows you to view the demand (open shop order lines, open and backordered sales order lines) and the weekly and monthly sales history for a specific Inventory Item in a specific Inventory location.

The Item Demand program also allows you to perform the following tasks.

      View or edit the selected Inventory Item

      View or edit the Catalog record associated with the selected inventory item

      View the sales order line details for each open and backordered sales order line item displayed in the program

      View all of the other sales order lines belonging to each sales order for which a sales order line is displayed in the program.

When the Item Demand option is selected, the system activates the Item Demand program and it loads the program with the information for the inventory item that is selected when the program is called.

The Item Demand program is described in detail in another section of this document.  You may access more information about the Item Demand program by activating the program and using the Help key to display the primary help documentation for the program.