Buying Groups

When the Maintain Buying Groups option is selected from the More Options menu, the system executes the Buying Group Lookup program.  The Buying Group Lookup displays all of the buying groups that the selected customer belongs to.  Buying groups are used by the Special Pricing system and are described in detail in the Special Pricing Documentation.

When the Buying Group Lookup program is executed, the program displays all buying groups that the selected customer is assigned to.  You may add the customer to other available buying groups by using the “Find Group to Add window” to select the group (this will display a selection list from which you can choose the group the customer should be added to).  Once the group has been selected and is displayed in the Find Group window, you may add the customer to the group by pressing the Add Button.  As the customer is added to a new buying  group, the system will display the new group in the Buying Group Lookup program.


Special Pricing