Customer Management

Customer Management allows you to create and edit customer and customer contact information, to view customer order and invoice status and history, and to view and maintain information related to each customer.  Options in the Customer Management program also allow you to view and edit existing orders for the customer and enter a new order document for the customer.

Customer Management allows you to perform a variety of marketing, sales and order processing functions that include.

      Locating existing customers.  Customer Management allows you to search for customer records using several different sort sequences, which include customer name, customer account number, phone number, zip code, and rep. 

      Viewing and editing Customer and Customer Contact information.  Options in Customer Management allow you to view and edit the information that is stored for each customer and customer contact record.

      Creating new customer, prospect and customer contact records.

      Viewing the orders and quotes,  and detailed sales and transaction history for each customer

      Displaying and maintaining the Opportunity, Action and Incident records for the customer.

      Entering new sales orders or quotes into the system.

      Editing existing sales orders and quotes.

The various options that are available in the Customer Management program are described in more detail in the following sections.


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