Change Tagged Types

The Loaner Management program and the other programs that are used to process Pending records will display only one specific type of Pending record.  The valid Pending record DOC_TYPE values and the program that each type is displayed by are listed below.


Transaction Type

Pending Type

Loaner Management

Customer Loaners, samples, trade show.


Ticket Billing Management

Shipments processed using Ticket Billing


RTV Management

Returns to Vendors


IFT Management

Inter-Facility Transfers


Pending Management

Returns, Repair Processing (advanced).


The Change Tagged Types option allows you to change the Pending document type for the open records displayed in the Loaner Management program.  The Change Tagged Types option can be used to re-classify a Loaner type Pending record to another type of Pending record, so that it can be processed in a different program. 

Note:  The Change Tagged Types option is an advanced option and it can cause confusion.  The option should be used only when necessary.  The Change Tagged Types option will normally cause the Pending records being processed to no longer be displayed by the Loaner Management program.  Once the type field in the Pending record is changed, the record will no longer appear in the Loaner Management program and it must be processed using the appropriate other Pending program (based on the record type you select).   

When open records are selected in the Loaner Management program and the Change Tagged Types option is selected, the system will prompt you for the new type to be used for the selected records. 

Once you have entered the new type, the system will verify that it is valid or it will display an “Invalid Type” error.  If a valid Pending type is entered, the system will then update the document type in the records.


Ticket Billing Management