Clearing a hold

The operator my clear a hold two different ways.  Each hold on an order may be cleared individually or all holds for an order (that the operator has the rights to clear) may be cleared with a single keystroke.

When the operator “clears” a hold individually, by pressing the key corresponding to the hold code, or releases all hold with CLEAR key, the system does the following with each hold record being cleared.

1. The status of the hold record is changed from open (“O”) to closed (“C”).

2. The hold record is updated to reflect who cleared the hold.

3. The hold is removed from the “hold_string” in the sales order header record, and from the sales order lines in the case of line item based holds.

4. Referent status information about the customers account is written to a comment attached to the hold record.  This is done to allow for latter review of credit and/or pricing decisions.

The following information is written:

Open orders

Credit Limit & Current A/R

Current aging

Account terms & Order terms

Account status

The system parameter F248: SOHOLDCC may be set to “N” to disable the writing of the status information.  This may be done to reduce the amount of disk space used by the system.